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Alugar apartamento no Rio - Rent apartment in Rio

AIRBNB is a larger site with rental by owners - AIRBNB
Added security by using this site is the fact that they handle the payment.
There are as always an added risk by renting with individuals, as some might have a lower "minimum standard".
However, the site is worth checking out when searching for a place to stay in Rio.

Other search site is Flipkey. Site provided by the famous traveling site Tripadvisor.

If you are looking to rent from a rental company in Rio we have tried the following:

Rio Apartments Score 4,5/5:
Rented two times with this company. They have professional service including transport from and to the airport if you wish.
Mark the time and they will meet you at the location of the apartment.
As last time were a few years ago I do not know if service have declined,
but doubt it and recommend this company.
They also sell apartments in Copacabana through their subsidiary Copacabana Imoveis.

Copacabanaholiday Score 3,5/5:
I rented several times with this company. They are a trustworthy company with a long track record.
If you find a budget apartment you like - go for it.
A few issues should be noted however:
- Standard is quite low for many apartments - which may be fine as prices are fair.
- When arriving without transport you first have to take taxi/bus to their office with your luggage,
then, after signing the papers, have to take your luggage again and getting a taxi to go to the apartment.
This is an extra hassle which is not appreciated even when arriving from other Brazilian city.
The apartments are mostly located in the Copacabana neighborhood.

Personal note: - Copacabana is very large. Try to avoid getting an apartment in the middle of it.
Closer to Ipanema you can more easily walk to ipanema beach (which is more relaxing) and Lagoa.
If you don´t mind taking bus - it is easy to get a bus from Barata Ribeiro to Ipanema/Leblon.
And bus from Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana to get back.
To downtown the best solution is always taking the metro as Rio bus drivers likes to imagine they are F1 drivers.

If you are looking for Hostels that cost $20 or Night or budget hotels costing $50 or less:
Click to see and search the LIST OF HOTELS IN RIO

Search site with more apartments mainly rented out by private individuals.
Personally I recommend Rioapartments.com mentioned above, as it really isn´t too much to save taking contact with individual renters,
but much higher risk of ruining your vacation. Here is is however one site you might check out - AlugueTemporada.
Not worth for a few days as when sending e-mail many of them will nor be returned.
However, if you need an apartment for 2 weeks or longer "alugue temporada" (from Home and away) is a good option for an apartment.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent for the long term, or looking for apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro, Zap Imoveis is one of the larger sites in Brazil..
Click to visit Zap Imoveis. Portuguese word for apartment is "apartamento".
Zap is for a Portuguese speaking audience.

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